About us

TESLA ENERGY means providing tailor-made solutions – for the complex world of energy.

   We are a global energy company that generates, trades, and markets energy on a large scale. We also procure, store, transport, and supply commodities such as natural gas, LNG, and coal as well as energy-related products.

   What is special about our capabilities is that we can provide both technical and commercial expertise at the same time.

   We look for innovative solutions and believe in the advantages offered by digitalization. Using our broad portfolio, with elements perfectly complementing each other, we create value for our customers. We offer tailor-made energy solutions and free our customers from having to worry about the complex energy issues they face.

   And we do this more simply and better than others. We act responsibly in everything we do. We are a team of doers who achieve their goals with energy and passion.

Our strengths are based on our experience, expertise and curiosity


   We combine technical and commercial expertise and offer solutions for challenging questions.

   We produce, buy, and sell large quantities of energy. In these processes, we act as efficiently as possible and minimize risks.

   We build and operate large power plants.

We maintain long-standing partnerships with commercial customers, public utility companies, grid operators, and our suppliers. All stakeholders benefit from this.


Our strengths lie in three areas

We contribute to supply security by moving towards a low-carbon energy future

Our trading activities create links across international commodity markets

We support the development of energy markets with our own production activities and services for third parties

Some of our services:


We have a deep understanding of your needs and challenges, based on our long history in owning and operating wind farms and biomass generation plants.