The world is slowly closing the chapter on fossil fuels such as coal and oil, and the transition to reliable renewable sources continues to grow. Investments in solar, wind and hydro-power are growing rapidly. Across the world operators and suppliers are struggling to overcome the issue of intermittency with effective energy storage solutions.

We help clients, operators, developers, and investors to procure, design and deliver successful renewable energy projects that represent the future direction of this vital industry.

Solar Energy

Solar energy has become ever more accessible, flexible and cost-effective. We design entire solar farms on behalf of developers as well as structure finance for new projects. We also work to improve the resilience of local energy grids as a result and take on the role of owners engineer ensuring technical and commercial support from start to finish. 

Offshore Wind

The global offshore wind market is growing – developments and infrastructure are getting larger which makes the programme complex. We work with clients to design the right foundation for the local market, shape business models for the investment and create new designs depending on geology.


The best global ideas from power experts

   As an international firm, we have a wealth of technical knowledge gained on some of the world’s most ambitious solar, wind and hydro-energy schemes. We play a proactive role, knowing that every new generating system will face unique local challenges, from its geology to local regulations and system integration hurdles. In many countries renewable energy industries haven’t yet developed mature supply chains, so a trusted partner with a strong problem-solving skills is essential.

Some of our services:


We have a deep understanding of your needs and challenges, based on our long history in owning and operating wind farms and biomass generation plants.